2018 Lighthouse Christian School Cross Country Sign-Up

This is a student/parent information and general interest form for the Lighthouse Christian School (Antioch, TN) Cross Country Team. Filling out the below form is the first step of the registration process to sign up your child to join our team for the 2018 season. Please note that completing this form does NOT automatically mean that your child is on the team, but it allows you as a parent to express interest so that one of our coaches can contact you with further information on how to complete the registration process. Please read the following sections of "General Information" to learn more about the sport and our team before continuing on to the registration form!


General Information

Welcome! We are excited that your child is interested in joining the Lighthouse Cross Country team! Cross country is a challenging but fulfilling sport for children of all ages that teaches personal discipline, responsibility, teamwork, and endurance. While there is no minimum cross country or general athletic experience required to join our team, we do want to communicate that there will (obviously) be a lot of running involved in practices and meets since that is what cross country is all about! We welcome any student-athlete who has a positive attitude and is willing to put forth their best effort, try new things, and have FUN!


Our season begins officially when school starts in August and runs through the middle of October, although we do offer some optional training opportunities in the summer. We run in the MTAC conference and participate in races at Currey Ingram Academy in Brentwood and also at The Hermitage. The schedule for the 2018 season is not set at this time, but our goal is to run in 5-7 races over the course of our season.


Sports Physical & Athletic Fee

Each student-athlete must have a Sports Physical and submit the paperwork onto Magnus Health before they will be allowed to participate in any practices or meets. There will be an athletic fee for Cross Country and must be paid before the first race.


Practice Info

• Practices will start the first week of school and will be held at Lighthouse on the practice fields on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 3:30-4:30pm and Friday from 3:30-4:00pm. The team meets together at the beginning and end of practice at the bleachers by the baseball field. This is where parents/guardians should come to pick up their child.

• During practice on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, runners are divided up by age group and supervised by coaches as they participate in age-appropriate training activities and exercises. Friday’s practice is only 30 minutes and consists only of a long run (race distance). Runners are free to leave on Friday whenever they finish.

• On practice days, runners should bring their practice clothes (loose, comfortable athletic clothing) tennis shoes, and a water bottle to school in a gym bag or backpack. Dress for practice must adhere to the general guidelines on page 25 in the MSHS handbook and page 33 in the Elementary handbook.

• On practice days, elementary students are dismissed by their teacher at the end of the school day to change into their practice clothes in the bathrooms in their building. After changing, they report to Mrs. Linda Brown's room in the lower-elementary building where they are picked up by a coach and walked to practice each day. Middle and High school students are responsible for changing in the locker rooms in the anchor building and arriving dressed and ready for practice by 3:25 pm each day.

• At the end of practice, a parent or legal guardian must sign their child out on the sign out sheet in order for the runner to leave practice. This applies to every student-athlete that does NOT drive themselves to school.

• Runners that remain at practice after 4:40PM on M, T, and R or 4:10PM on Fridays will be taken to after-school care in the lower-elementary building and can be picked up there.


Race Info

• We participate in Middle Tennessee Athletic Conference races and Currey Ingram Invitational races. The MTAC races are at The Hermitage and the Currey Ingram races are located on their school campus in Brentwood.

• All runners must ride on the team bus to meets from school. Depending on the race location, they will either be dismissed early or leave right after school. Elementary students will be picked up from their teacher and supervised by a coach during the transition from school to the race.

• We welcome and encourage ALL parents and family members to come cheer on the runners at the races! Students may ride home from meets with parents BUT a parent MUST SIGN OUT runners with a coach before leaving. If a runner does not leave the race with a parent, they must be promptly picked up from Lighthouse when the bus returns to the school.

• Students/parents are responsible for ensuring that the student arrives to school on race days with their full uniform, water, socks, and running shoes.

• Uniform tops are provided for runners but must be returned at the end of the season. Uniform shorts must be purchased individually by elementary runners. These shorts must be plain navy shorts that adhere to LCS dress code (see page 33 in the Elementary handbook). MSHS may purchase their own shorts (again, must adhere to LCS dress code) or may borrow a pair of uniform shorts if needed.

• Race distances are as follows:

• K-2nd grade:1100 yards

• 3rd-4th grade: 1 mile

• 5th-8th grade: 1.55 mile

• 9th-12th grade: 5k (3.2 miles)

• Specific information on start times for each age division and the addresses for the two race locations will be emailed out before the first race.



Parent Involvement & Student Expectations

• To cultivate and maintain a positive and healthy team culture, ALL members of the team are expected to be at all practices and meets during the season. Students are excused from practice only if they did not attend school that day. If the student misses practice for another activity, commitment, or appointment, prior notice must be given to the coaches by a parent in advance. These absences must be approved by the coaches and should be kept to a minimum. Failure to inform the coaches about missing practice or missing practice on a regular basis can result in the student being dismissed from the team.

• As representatives of our school and more importantly of the Lord, we expect all team members to conduct themselves in a respectful and Christ-like manner in all circumstances. Poor sportsmanship, disrespect, bullying, excessive demerits, or consistent behavioral issues will not be tolerated.

• Our team verse is Colossians 3:23 which says, "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters..". We expect all team-members to honor CHRIST by putting forth their BEST effort in practices and games.

• All student-athletes must also adhere to the requirements set by the school for academic eligibility in order to be able to participate in practice and races. Please contact the school's athletic director regarding any questions about the academic eligibility policy.

• We strongly encourage parents/guardians to be involved in helping the team in some way during the season. We understand that work schedules and prior commitments may limit the extent to which parents can assist the coaches or runners during the season so we have a wide variety of ways that parents can volunteer during the season. We will communicate about volunteer opportunities to parents before the season begins.



If you have any questions about Cross Country, please contact head coach Maryanne Rieder at marieder@lighthouseministries.org.


Please fill out the form below if your child is interested in participating in cross country.