Tutoring & Phonics 

The Educational Services Department at LCS works with students, teachers, and parents to assist and support each student's academic progress and development. The department offers Individual Educational Plans (IEP's) and accommodations for those students that qualify. The department accommodates students to be successful according to curriculum goals and objectives set for each grade level. Tutoring services are during school hours and are done on a one on one basis. The focus for the students is primarily on reading and math skills, as these subjects are more global in their effects on student progress.

Students who currently have an established IEP are to contact the LCS Educational Services Department. If your child has a pattern of continuous academic challenges, LCS encourages you to contact the Educational Services Department as well.

In addition to the learning center, LCS offers on-site psycho-educational screenings. Screenings identify a student's learning style, determine the best instructional strategies, and help to increase academic achievement.

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*There is an additional fee for Educational Services.

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