Fine Arts at LCS

It is the belief that the LCS Fine Arts students should apply I Peter 4:10: “Each one should use whatever gift he has received to help others.” The Fine Arts program is designed to provide students with a broad exposure to the visual and performing arts and develop skills necessary to not only pursue further training in the Arts, but to use them to minister to others.

The curriculum is comprehensive, starting in Kindergarten, and includes courses such as music appreciation, instrumental introductions, choir, clay, painting, photography, drawing, set building, drama, and more. Introductory level courses build upon the foundations in each discipline, while upper level courses offer more detailed studies, building upon the experiences of the creative process. Quaver music curriculum is a main piece of the upper level music classes. Students prepare for the intense competition they will meet in colleges, universities, conservatories, art institutions, and the professional world.

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Worship through song is a timeless tradition. At Lighthouse Christian School we believe that students grow closer to the Lord through song.



General Music Program: Kindergarten through 5th grades - Students learn the fundamentals of music as a part of their curriculum; they sing, play instruments, learn music reading skills, and learn about music history.

Elementary Ensemble Choir: This after school program is open to students in 3rd through 5th grades. - A vocal performance group, they rehearse after school. Ensemble Choir is an auditioned choir and is a very popular extracurricular at LCS.

Elementary Campus performance opportunities include the Christmas Concert for K-2nd grade in December and the Spring Concert for 3rd-5th grade, usually in May. These two concerts are performed by the Elementary music students and take place in the Lighthouse sanctuary.

6th Grade: Students work with Quaver music curriculum. They not only are taught more technical aspects of either playing an instrument or singing, but learn the art of music and more.

Elementary students can assist in leading weekly chapel through worship songs. Weekly chapel is a highlight that each student loves.



Music Theory/Music Appreciation: Students are required to take a music course as part of their curriculum.

Choral Music as an Elective: Students may choose to participate in Choir as an elective.

Junior and Senior High Choir students have many opportunities to perform, including:

  • Fall and/or Spring Fine Arts performances
  • TACS Competition Choir (1st place choir in 2015)
  • Outreach Choir opportunities

Chapel: Students can assist in leading weekly chapel through singing and instrumental playing, all while helping lead others to Jesus through worship.



The Dramatic Arts at Lighthouse Christian School is an integral part of the school community. From the classroom to the stage, LCS performers expect to meet the highest standards of excellence. That standard of excellence is a trust handed down from class to class, and a standard that underclassmen are eager to meet and alumni are proud to have held.


Senior High Drama Course

LCS offers a drama class, which perform during the fall and spring Fine Arts programs. The drama department also creates and preforms original student works. These performances happen at the yearly retreat, weekly chapel, and other service opportunities.



LCS provides various opportunities for a wide range of student artists to express their individual ability and share their imaginative vision through various artistic methods. The students possess the ability to share their imaginative vision through their God-given talent.

Each year, students in our Art Departments participate in an impressive, well-rounded art curriculum. See below for more information that is campus-specific.


Elementary School

Upper Elementary students are permitted to participate in the annual TACS competition. Students interested in entering this annual event should contact the Middle/High School Art Teacher.


Middle/High School

The Junior/Senior High student artists of Lighthouse Christian Schools develop and express their imaginative vision through participation in a variety of art courses, There is an opportunity for everyone to display and share their God-given talents.

Students participate in special annual, art-related activities, events and competitions.

  • Annual TACS Art Competition
  • Creating sets and props for fall and spring Fine Arts Performances
  • Outreach Service opportunities