"So thankful for his life and ministry, he taught me to love the book of proverbs and a great spiritual math formula that has stuck with me all these years. Availability + Obedience = Supernatural acts of God. Even more impactful was his heart for restoration. I am thankful for the second chance he gave me to stay at LCS."   Jenny Jemson Bejarano-Class of 2003
"Second Parent"
"Mr. Haggard has always been a special part of my life. I had the privilege of both being his student, and also one of his teachers (he was one of my many “second parents”). Both he and his wife helped me and my family through many difficult times, and impacted my life in more ways than I can count. He taught me so much about God’s Word, and helped make me the teacher and principal I am today. He displayed Christ’s love in all he did, and he personally blessed me. His kindness, compassion, and commitment to others is something I still carry with me today. Thank you Mr. Haggard for your impact on my life"
Charles (Ched) Mickles-Class of 1993
"Servant's Heart"

"I remember all the hours and years he spent at Lighthouse always there I remember thinking how does one spend so much time at this place and not get burnt out ? You really have to have a servants heart to work in the ministry and he did he loved the kids and treated us as his own , you will be missed."
Kathi McAnulty Noes-Class of 1992
"...he talked about Jesus"

"Bobby Haggard was one of the most influential people in my life during my late teens and early twenties. I first met Mr. Haggard my junior year of high school on a school visit at Lighthouse, looking for a new school for my senior year. He encouraged me to come back and spend a day at the school, and, playing matchmaker, he arranged for Cindy Crain to spend the day with me, showing me around the school. Cindy would become my wife, and Mr. Haggard was the officiant at our wedding. Even though he was my administrator and later my boss (he hired me as a middle school teacher in 1996), my memories of him are not so much school-related as they are shepherd-related. Mr. Haggard cared tremendously for the souls of others. More than talking about education, he just wanted to talk to you about what was going on in your life, and he often talked about Jesus, whom he loved dearly. Heaven will be full of people who are there because of the influence of Bobby Haggard."  Matthew Phillips-Class of 1992

"Humble is the first word that comes to mind. Mr Haggard was not above doing anything that needed to be done for our students and our school. The girls softball field always seemed to take a backseat to the boys baseball field when it came to maintenance. I remember going to practice on the field one Saturday morning and finding Mr Haggard out there mowing the outfield for us girls. It meant the world to me that he would take time out of his Saturday to mow the always losing-record girls softball field. Enough cannot be said for his emphasis on spiritual growth as I was growing up there. I was at LCS for 7 years under his leadership and I had a clear understanding that my walk with Jesus mattered more than anything else, academics or sports, and that is something I have carried with me into my adult life."  Erika (Jemson) Lang-Class of 2005

"Mr. Haggard was a wonderful and thoughtful man! He was always kind and fair. I went through a lot in those years and remember Mr. and Mrs. Haggard both being there when I needed them. I remember going to their house for bible study a time or two and they were always such good witnesses for Christ to each and every student."  Natasha MacDonald-Attended LCS
"Part of a Legacy"

"I came to Lighthouse during my junior year of high school. I had previously attended DCA through middle school and high school. My family moved to Florida the summer of my junior year, and we had to abruptly move back to Nashville during the middle of the fall semester. Frankly, I didn't want to attend Lighthouse, but I went there because my Uncle Mike was a coach at the school. I fell into a deep depression and struggled during my time at Lighthouse. Mr. Haggard, and the teachers and administrators, worked with me through my depression and supported me during one of the darkest times of my life. I ended up missing several months of school during my senior year. But Mr. Haggard helped to make sure I completed my school work and was able to graduate. I have no doubt that I am where I am today because of him and his Godly counsel. I am sure that many of my old teachers, and classmates, would be shocked to hear that I went on to college and law school at Liberty Univers! ity, and I am now a prosecutor in Virginia. I am proud to say I am part of Mr. Haggard's legacy."  Mark Hicks-Class of 2001
"Servan Leader"

"Bobby was a genuine godly man. He cared about his teachers and the students and let us know that he was praying for us and for our families. He was a true servant leader." Dawn Hoesel-LCS High School Math Teacher-Taught for 5 years
"Like a father..."

"Mr. Haggard was like a father to me. He opened up his home to me and my family. I spent many nights there having sleepovers hanging out with Adam and Eric. He was a mentor and brought out the strengths in me helping me excel in sports and academics. Furthermore, he taught me the word of God and how to incorporate His word into my daily walks in life. You are one of the most amazing men to have ever been a part of my life. Mr. Haggard will be forever be remembered."  Kevin Saiyasak-Class of 1999
"Always had a smile"
He always had a smile and kind words. I didn't always fit in and he made me feel Christ love for me."  Shelley Evans Tucker-Attended LCS
"He was loyal..."

"Mr. Haggard was one of the most humble servants of God I have ever met. He was loyal, genuine and had a smile that was infectious. When he moved on from Lighthouse, it was definitely hard for a lot of the students and staff, but we took comfort in knowing he prayed about it and he was taking the right path. He will definitely be missed but he made an impact on so many people who will remember him."  Chelsea Mabry-Class of 2008
"He always cared"

"Mr. Haggard cared so much about all of his students-it was so evident. They say the eyes are the window to a person's soul. Mr. Haggard's eyes always had a twinkle in them. He had a way of being stern and also being soft hearted toward his students. You could always see it in his eyes. He was a Godly man that always led by example." Kay Chaiseree Cordell-Class of 1998

"Carpe Diem"
He (Mr. Haggard) delivered a great message at my graduation. He used the Phrase from Dead Poet Society, "Carpe Diem". He talked about how quickly the minutes go by. But if you use time well, we will be fine with it. I always try to live by that message. 5 years prior I remember my orientation with him. He had such a vision and passion for LCS. I was sold! Reischa Feuerbacher Harrell-Class of 1995