""God has been so good""

“God has been beyond good to me; from getting a full scholarship to play college basketball to playing in different professional leagues, I’ve been able to see quite a few of my dreams come true. I started a business after college and we hit every goal in our first year. I was accepted into medical school, and now I am currently pursuing my lifelong dream of becoming a physician. Most importantly, I’ve seen so much improvement and understanding of what I mean to God-- He really does know my name! He hears me. From a successful business, a successful undergraduate career, to now a successful medical school career, I am grateful for all of the things God has given me. Most importantly, I am grateful for the opportunity to win 3 state championships at LCS when they thought we wouldn’t win anything! :heart:

-- Aaraven Gilbert, LCS Alumni

- Aaraven Gilbert

"Profound Impact"

"Hard to put in words the profound impact that Lighthouse has been for our son Austin. He came late to Lighthouse as a high school junior. Previously, he was not in a good situation in an area public school. No religious instruction, low academic standards and substantial behavioral/social issues all around him. We felt God leading him to Lighthouse. Just a little more than one year later he's a totally different person. Takes his school work seriously, has gained a new amount of respect for his parents, is a contributing member to the school soccer team and has finally personalized his faith in Christ. Lighthouse has forever changed the trajectory of Austin's life. Thank you LCS!"

- Brad Lance

"Growth in Knowledge"

"My three children were blessed to attend Lighthouse. I saw not only growth in knowledge but growth in spirit. The teachers are willing to help in both areas . I started them off at Lighthouse from in K3 and can tell the difference. I pray that God continues to bless all the staff and teachers their for the ministry that they are doing each day."

- Earline Sneed

"Christ-Centered Culture"

Seldom do you see in a school the comradery, Love and support that you see at Lighthouse. The Christ centered culture that has been developed is apparent the moment you enter the school! The way the teacher's interact, care for and support the student and their family is simply, amazing!!!

- Greg Rau Antioch, TN, US


Since when did these things happen at school?! Never did in my past!

1. I witnessed freshmen hugging and crying with seniors over graduation

2. I witnessed seniors coming back to school the week after their last class just because they want to be here.

3. I saw at least 10 different students volunteering to clean bathrooms and do yard work for free! Just because they want to help.

4. No student actually uses their locker. Theft is basically a non-issue here.

5. When final bell rang I walked out to give high fives and say "congratulations!" And they look at me and nearly start crying because they don't want to leave for the summer.

Lighthouse Christian School is truly a special school. High quality education, God-centered, diversity, and affordability. Best kept secret in Nashville friends. Holler at me and come check it out.

- Jonathan Bowman Antioch, TN, US

"I don't like school.. I LOVE it!"

I remember the first day I came here. It was like a breath of fresh air. I’ve never been to a school that has been so accepting and loving of me! One day I dropped my books and a bunch of people came to help me. It made me feel like I was valued and it drew me closer to people!

- Kobe Sweatt Antioch, TN, US

"Example of Christ"

"This school is an example of the ministry of CHRIST, and that is love, loving the kids, the teachers, and the success of all the students. The faculty works with a passion to encourage and glorify God through the works of their teaching ministry."

- Lenore Gilbert Nashville, TN,

"Wonderful Teachers"

"My children have been blessed in so many ways by the wonderful christian teachers and faculty at Lighthouse. The school has supported my family in the education of my children up and beyond the normal standards. I would not trust my children"s education to anyone else."

- Melissa Lewis

"Equipping Kids!"

"The most AMAZING school this side of heaven! They are committed to equipping kids to positively impact the world for Christ. We currently have 4 kids here. We love every aspect of this school."


- Monte Lester

"Love the Teachers!"

"Teachers and staff are so nice..i'm so happy to have my son in Ligthouse."


- Morenay Nelson Escalante Nashville, TN,