Evan Garcia passed away on October 31, 2021. He was 17 years old and attended Lighthouse since the seventh grade. Evan was fascinated by the world around him and dreamed of working in the film industry. He had a passion for helping others, so we have created the Evan Garcia Compassion Fund to do just that.

The Evan Garcia Compassion Fund will serve to promote a more compassionate environment for both students and staff. Funds will go to anti-bullying measures, mental-health-awareness training for staff, and a scholarship for students exhibiting compassion towards their peers as identified by the faculty.

Our hope is to enhance the school culture where the emphasis is placed on compassion, and bullying is replaced earlier on through understanding and mercy. Lighthouse Christian is intentional in teaching these values to students, and we would like to continue supporting these efforts (and make a truly observable difference) by collaborating with leaders in the fields of mental health and anti-bullying.

You will see The Evan Garcia Compassion Fund option through this link: