Our Mission Statement

Lighthouse Christian School exists to glorify God by offering a Christ-centered, quality education that assists parents in developing leaders and disciples of Christ.

Welcome From The President

Thank You for considering LCS to assist you in molding the life of your child. LCS offers a Christ-centered approach to education with the goal of spiritual, academic, and social excellence. In recent years, the name of God has literally been removed from our public schools. Voluntary prayer and the Ten Commandments are illegal. Creationism is no longer taught as a viable alternative to evolution, which is taught as fact. Secular humanism, rather than God-centered education, has resulted in decadence and deterioration.

More permissiveness, academic deterioration and drugs are a result of removing God from public schools. Without wisdom, we have sealed a troubled future for many children deeply influenced by philosophy and environment. Children are the living message we send to a time we will not see. They must, therefore be molded with love and compassion in a Christ-centered environment.

This is our mission at Lighthouse Christian School.

Dr. Alfred Henson President/Founder