Dress Code for K5-12

We are excited to announce the start of our LCS Apparel Store. The following link will take you to
our store and you can purchase the approved hoodies that can be worn on campus. More items
will be added throughout the year.

LCS Apparel Store

Boys’ Attire (K5-12)

School-day Attire

1.             Solid color polo or long sleeve; Navy, Black, Gray, or White only
2.             Khaki pants or khaki shorts; Navy, Black, Gray, or Khaki only. No Cargo
3.             Jackets; Navy, Black, Gray only
4.             Hoodies and sweatshirts; LCS apparel only
5.             The school logo shirts and other LCS attire can conveniently be purchased through the
French Toast website

Girls' Attire (K5-12)

School-day Attire

1.             Solid color polo long or short sleeve, Navy, Black, Gray, or White only
2.             Khaki skort (elementary only)
3.             Khaki skirt (elementary only)
4.             Khaki pants or khaki shorts MSHS, Navy, Black, Gray, or Khaki only. No Cargo
5.             Sweaters Navy, Black, Gray, or White only
6.             Hoodies and sweatshirts; LCS apparel only

New this year! We have partnered with French Toast to provide you with LCS logo attire. You can purchase the LCS Polo and more for this year, click on the link below to order.

French Toast LCS Store Link


Physical Education

LCS will also have a simple Physical Education attire.

PE shorts must be predominantly black. Shirts for grade K5-12 will be conveniently available for purchase through LCS at Orientation and during the beginning of the school year through the offices.