Lighthouse Christian School Athletics

Welcome to the heart of excellence in athletics at Lighthouse Christian School! Our athletic program is not just about games; it's a platform for students to shine in their pursuit of glorifying God through the holistic development of personal character, sportsmanship, self-discipline, and athletic prowess.

At Lighthouse Christian School, we foster an environment where student athletes are not only encouraged to give their best but also equipped with the essential life skill of being exceptional team players. In the face of victory or defeat, our students are instilled with the values of grace and dignity, ensuring that their journey through sports mirrors their growth as individuals.

Our track record speaks volumes, with numerous LCS athletes continuing their athletic journey at the collegiate level, propelled by significant athletic scholarships. Our comprehensive interscholastic sports program has covered a spectrum of disciplines over the years, including basketball, baseball, softball, football, soccer, volleyball, cross-country, and track. The vibrant spirit of our cheerleading squad adds an extra dimension, promoting school spirit, enthusiasm, and unwavering support for our teams.

Since 1979, Lighthouse Christian School Athletics has clinched numerous State Athletic Championships. Joining our program isn't just about playing sports; it's about becoming part of an extraordinary athletic legacy that shapes character, hones leadership skills, and creates a treasure trove of lifelong memories. As proud members of the Tennessee State Independent Athletic Association (TSIAA), we are committed to providing an unparalleled athletic experience for our students.

Discover athletic excellence at Lighthouse Christian School, where the journey transcends the field and court, shaping champions for life.

For any inquiries or more information, please contact our Athletics Department at 615-331-6286 x 240 or email

Go Lions!