Thank you for your willingness to volunteer!

Parents and Grandparents of LCS can volunteer!

Why should you volunteer?

  • It fosters the feeling of LCS community and a unity of believers
  • It gives opportunities for parents to interact with and get to know other parents
  • It helps keep school resource costs down, which helps keep tuition costs down

How can you volunteer?

Please know that you can probably volunteer in any school-related area or event that takes place; we encourage all parents to just ask if they can help in any way. We also want to make the open volunteer opportunities as well communicated as possible through teachers, coaches, emails, and school offices.

If you would like to explore the opportunity to volunteer, please contact your child's office to find out more information. Only parents/grandparents of currently enrolled students will be permitted to volunteer.

If you are a community partner, and want to bring a group to volunteer or have a way to partner with LCS, please contact Lacy Henson-Tolar at latolar@lighthouseministries.orgĀ