The Administration and Faculty of the Lighthouse Christian Middle/High School strive to connect with students spiritually, emotionally, socially, and intellectually. The Middle School and High School Campus consists of 7th-12th grade students. Our student body is currently the most diverse in Tennessee, with a variety of interests, gifts, cultures, and talents.

Spiritually, the students at LCS are nurtured through daily Bible classes, Bible studies, weekly chapels, Back to School Revival Week, and the integration of biblical truth into each academic subject.

The Middle School and High School curriculum is designed to challenge students to reach their maximum potential. While the main curriculum focuses on core courses, such as English, Math, Science, History, and Bible, students are offered a variety of elective choices throughout the year. In addition, Dual Enrollment courses are available for upper-level students who wish to plan ahead for college and further their education.

Our goal is for each student to graduate with the knowledge to be fully prepared to pursue his/her future goals as a young adult, and spiritually equipped to go into the world with a strong Biblical worldview.

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