The LCS Cross Country Team make huge strides this year! The team had their final championship meet held at The Hermitage Park on Monday October 9, 2017. The team had several medals and trophies from this meet. LCS Cross Country is grades K-12 and the Head Coach is Maryanne Rieder, with assistant coaches, Linda Brown, Brent Brown, Kate Cardinale, Tara Wallace and JD Peery. Congratulations Team!

Results from Meet:

K-2 boys: TEAM, 3rd place
Jeyden Muniz, 3rd place*
Caleb Bell, 9th place 
K-2 girls:  TEAM, 3rd place 
Jamyla Duke, 3rd place* 
3-4 girls: TEAM 1st place!!* (This is a HUGE deal)
Emma Brown, 8th place 
MacKenzie McIntyre, 9th place
5-8th girls: 
Hannah Whitley, MTAC 2nd-Team All-Season All-Conference* 
9-12th boys: TEAM, 6th place*
Seth Avrit, 8th place*, MTAC 2nd-Team All-Season All-Conference 
Andrew Chaney, 12th place* 
Richie Waters, MTAC 1st-Team All-Season All-Conference* and MTAC 2017 Co-Runner of the Year* (runner of the year also a huge deal)