We are delighted to announce the newest addition to our Lighthouse Christian School family: Mr. Justin Mejia, our passionate and dedicated High School Bible Teacher. With his love for acting, unwavering faith, and commitment to teaching, Mr. Mejia brings a unique and inspiring perspective to our school community. Let's take a closer look at his journey and the experiences that have shaped him into the remarkable educator he is today.

Harlingen, TX: A Journey of Discovery: Born and raised in the vibrant city of Harlingen, Texas, Mr. Mejia's journey has been marked by a profound sense of discovery and growth. During his formative years spent in Tennessee, he experienced a deep calling to preach, setting the stage for his future endeavors.

Passion for Acting: Fueling the Flame: Driven by a burning passion for acting, Mr. Mejia pursued his dreams on the stage. He actively participated in theater throughout high school, where his remarkable talent as an actor was recognized. His dedication and skill led him to achieve the coveted title of Best Actor at the District level, and he even had the opportunity to compete with his cast at UIL Regionals.

Educator and Preacher: Guiding Souls: As his journey unfolded, Mr. Mejia embraced his role as both a preacher and teacher in his local church community. Sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm, he felt an innate desire to help others explore their faith and find answers to their deepest questions.

Love and Family: A Journey United: Love knows no bounds, and Mr. Mejia's story is a testament to that. God brought him and his wife together during their youth in Tennessee, and their paths crossed once again while they were attending college in different states. After two years of nurturing a long-distance relationship, they celebrated their union in May 2017. Since then, their Tennessee home has been blessed with the addition of two adorable boys, completing their loving family.

Academic Achievements: Pursuing Knowledge: Driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Mr. Mejia embarked on a remarkable academic journey. Balancing his roles as a dedicated husband and father, he pursued his Bachelor's degree online and triumphed over challenges along the way. His perseverance and commitment led him to achieve his Master of Divinity from Liberty University in May 2023.

Seeking Truth: Empowering Students: Inspired by his own quest for answers, Mr. Mejia is passionate about guiding others on their own journeys of discovery. Through thought-provoking discussions on world religions, apologetics, church history, and more, he strives to empower his students to ask questions and find their own authentic answers.

We are incredibly thrilled to welcome Mr. Justin Mejia to the Lighthouse Christian School team. His boundless energy, unwavering commitment, and deep faith are sure to inspire and profoundly impact the lives of our students. Let us join together in extending a warm and heartfelt welcome to Mr. Mejia as he embarks on this exciting chapter of his teaching career!

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