We love that the heart of our community is built on incredible families and local businesses, each weaving its unique thread into the fabric of daily life. At Lighthouse Christian School, fostering these connections is more than an idea; it's a commitment to unity and support. As part of our ongoing community development efforts through the Feed the Need fundraiser, we're thrilled to spotlight one of our esteemed community partners: Culture Apparel.

Who is Culture Apparel? They're not just another apparel company; they're a testament to the power of community, driven by a passionate team led by one of our very own LCS alumni, Ben Counts, Class of 2010. Founded in 2021, Culture Apparel has swiftly become a cornerstone for custom screen printing and embroidery in Franklin, TN and beyond. 

What truly sets Culture Apparel apart is their unwavering dedication to serving a diverse clientele, spanning from local churches and businesses to music artists and, of course, schools like LCS. Their mission? To provide top-tier custom apparel, all with the convenience of in-house printing.

At LCS, we had the pleasure of experiencing Culture Apparel's expertise firsthand during our recent Feed the Need Packing Party. From concept to creation, they were instrumental in crafting t-shirts that were worn by our volunteers, donors, and students, spreading positivity and solidarity as we packed over 10,0000 meals for those in need, both in our local community and overseas.

Beyond their exceptional craftsmanship, it's Culture Apparel's passion and culture that truly resonates with us. They're more than just a business; they're an extension of our community, embodying the spirit of collaboration and support that defines LCS.

So, whether you're looking to outfit your team with stylish uniforms, commemorate a special event, or simply elevate your wardrobe with custom apparel, Culture Apparel has you covered. With their dedication to quality, creativity, and community, they're not just selling clothing; they're weaving connections and fostering belonging.

Ready to experience the Culture Apparel difference for yourself? Visit their website here to learn more about their services and place your order today. Because when you support local businesses like Culture Apparel, you're investing in the fabric of your community.

Together, let's wear our support proudly and continue to build of community, one shirt at a time.

Until Next Time,

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