At LCS, we believe we provide the best educational value in the greater Nashville area. For over 40 years, we have continued to provide a Christ-centered, quality education to our local community.

Our mission is to meet parents where they are and show the love we have for our community by not raising tuition rates and lowering our K-12 enrollment fees for the 2023-2024 school year, as seen below.

(Please see "Preschool Admissions" for more information on our alternative Preschool tuition)

We offer a 5% K-12 tuition discount if tuition is paid in full by 7/1/2023. For more information, please contact our finance office.


(Curriculum fees are due within 7 days of new enrollment or re-enrollment completion if after June 1)

New Student Fees:  $400 Curriculum Fee | Due June 1, Annually

Non-Refundable Enrollment Fee (By May 1) $150 (After May 1) $250

Returning Student Fees: $400 Curriculum Fee | Due June 1, Annually

Non-Refundable Re-Enrollment Fee (By May 1) $100 (After May 1) $200



If you are considering receiving financial aid through the Tennessee ESA, click here for more information.

Each approved ESA application applies up to $8,192.00 towards tuition, which for most students covers ALL tuition costs- we highly recommend seeing if you qualify as you consider the upcoming 2023-2024 school year.

***February 15th is the first day for 2023-2024 ESA application submissions.


– Changes made to scheduled payments through FACTS must be made at least 5 business days in advance to allow for approval and accuracy.

– Tuition 30 days past due will result in the suspension of the student's class attendance until the balance is resolved.

– For the duration of time that there are any past due balances on tuition or fines, the family portal use will be restricted to limited access for those users until the balance is resolved.

– In the event of student withdrawal or expulsion, the remaining balance of tuition, fees, and fines is owed for the year unless the contract is “bought out,” per our “buy-out” policy. See below:

– Buy-out Policy: Any student withdrawn or expelled from LCS during any semester may “buy out” the remaining months owed for $500 per semester. Any current balance(s) for previously enrolled school days must be paid in full before being eligible for our “buy-out” policy.

Please contact our finance office at financeoffice@lighthouseministries.org or 615-331-6286 x239 for more information.